Dr. Pascal Weisenburger

Dr. Pascal Weisenburger

Dr. Pascal Weisenburger

School of Computer Science 33-507
Rosenbergstrasse 51
9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

My current research focuses on the design of languages for distributed systems with a wide range of software architectures – e.g., peer-to-peer, cloud, edge, serverless, IoT – regarding areas such as sound programming models for the interaction between components, their composition, privacy protection issues, type systems for reasoning about the placement of data and computation.

Within the MAKI project, I worked on complex event processing (CEP) and multitier languages for developing modular distributed applications. I’m the main developer of the ScalaLoci multitier programming language.

I served in the program committee of ProWeb 2020 (Workshop on Programming Technology for the Future Web) at ‹Programming› ’20.

Short Bio

I got my PhD from the Departement of Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Guido Salvaneschi in 2020. My doctoral dissertation focuses on multitier programming for developing distributed software systems. I worked as a postdoc with Prof. Mira Mezini at the Technical University of Darmstadt until spring 2021. I joined the Programming Group at the University of St. Gallen in May 2021.


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