Programming Group

Prof. Dr. Guido Salvaneschi

Prof. Dr. Guido Salvaneschi
Head of the Programming Group

School of Computer Science
Office 64-114
Torstrasse 25
9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

“Where should I go?” – Alice.
“That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat.
— Lewis Carroll

Welcome to the Programming Group! We are part of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and have a branch at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Together we enjoy working on Programming Languages and Software Engineering, including languages and architectures for Distributed Systems, Reactive Programming, DevOps Organizations, and Secure Software Systems.

Talk to us or join our group when you are interested in these topics or our work. Students at HSG or TU Darmstadt, please find our courses, theses, and jobs.


Oct 2023 We have plenty of contributions at SPLASH ‘23 📣 MSc George Zakhour will present how to perform Type-Safe Dynamic Placement with First-Class Placed Values 📍 in the OOPSLA main track. MSc George Zakhour and MSc Mirko Köhler will present their work on Type-Checking CRDTs with Propel and Safe Combination of Data-centric and Operation-centric Consistency in the context of local-first software at PLF 📲. MSc Daniel Sokolowski will talk about the Creed for Speed: Comprehensive Infrastructure as Code Testing 🏎️ at CONFLANG. And we will present posters on Extensible Testing for Infrastructure as Code and Safe Combination of Data-Centric and Operation-Centric Consistency. See you in Portugal 🇵🇹👋
Sep 2023 Our work on Prisma: A Tierless Language for Enforcing Contract-Client Protocols in Decentralized Applications has been published in TOPLAS 🎉
Sep 2023 At the Global Cyber Conference 2023 in Zurich, Prof. Dr. Guido Salvaneschi will give a keynote on the Global Cybersecurity Threat Landscape in the Age of AI 🔐⛰️ and discuss with MSc Daniel Sokolowski and MSc David Spielmann How AI Is Changing the Security of Software Systems 🏨
Aug 2023 Paper Stateful Entities: Object-oriented Cloud Applications as Distributed Dataflows is accepted at EDBT (Vision Paper) 📣
Jul 2023 We welcome Linda Vitali from the University of Bologna as visiting Master’s student this summer! 👋
Jun 2023 Try the Propel project online now on its new website 👩‍💻
May 2023 MSc David Spielmann joined our group as a PhD student 👋
Apr 2023 Our paper on Type-Checking CRDT Convergence has been accepted at PLDI ‘23 🎉
Feb 2023 Our vision Towards Reliable Infrastructure as Code 👀 is part of the Foundations of Infrastructure Specification and Testing (FIST) workshop at ICSA ‘23 in l’Aquila, Italy 🇮🇹
Dec 2022 Our study on The Uphill Journey of FaaS in the Open-source Community is accepted at JSS 📣