We have plenty of contributions at SPLASH β€˜23 πŸ“£ MSc George Zakhour will present how to perform Type-Safe Dynamic Placement with First-Class Placed Values πŸ“ in the OOPSLA main track. MSc George Zakhour and MSc Mirko KΓΆhler will present their work on Type-Checking CRDTs with Propel and Safe Combination of Data-centric and Operation-centric Consistency in the context of local-first software at PLF πŸ“². MSc Daniel Sokolowski will talk about the Creed for Speed: Comprehensive Infrastructure as Code Testing 🏎️ at CONFLANG. And we will present posters on Extensible Testing for Infrastructure as Code and Safe Combination of Data-Centric and Operation-Centric Consistency. See you in Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΉπŸ‘‹